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Public Enemy X Supreme

Public Enemy, the pioneering rap group, formed in 1982 and fueled a movement through music.

Led by Chuck D's politically charged lyrics, Flava Flav's signature style, Terminator X's innovative DJ techniques, and Hank Shocklee's production team, the Bomb Squad, PE provoked revolutionary expression through message and sound. Their 1990 release, "Fear of a Black Planet", featured anthems like "Fight the Power", and was recently selected by the Library of Congress for historical preservation.

The Public Enemy logo represents the spirit of revolt and action, identifying the individual under the scope of getting snuffed or national surveillance.

Reflecting an early 1990s street wear staple, Supreme presents three colorways of its new athletic pull-over jackets, redefined by back panel patches of the infamous Public Enemy cross-hair logo. Two t-shirts are being released also to accompany the project. A zip-up hoodie and beanie utilizing the quote "The Government`s Responsible" was produced to complete the series.

Available this October in all Supreme stores worldwide.